Basic strategies on how to save money

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Saving money is not an easy feat – it requires a tremendous sense of discipline, as well as sheer consistency. More often than not, we usually spend more money rather than saving for a rainy day. For many people, saving money is a very big pill to swallow. If you’re serious about saving money, you must keep in mind that small changes will matter a lot. These small changes will help improve your financial stance.


Here are some basic strategies on how to save money:


Smartphone Saving Apps


Your smartphone is a powerful gadget that can link you up with dozens of saving apps. In an app store, simply type “grocery list” and download the first grocery list app that catches your eye. This app is one of the many apps that you can use to help you save money. The shopping list app will help you itemize your grocery so you can focus on items that you actually need.


Constant Negotiations


It might take more than five minutes to get through to a CSR rep but you should pick up the phone right now and call your cable and/or internet provider. When you get to the menu or the operator, say that you’d like to cancel your service. Advise the representative that you just can’t afford the current rate and ask if there’s anything they can do for you, because the alternative is that you’ll have to cancel your service. Perhaps they can’t do anything for you, but there’s a good chance that they can. If you had an introductory rate that recently expired, you should at least be able to get the lower rate back. If you do it right, one phone call can shave off huge expenses from your monthly budget.


Home Supply Checks


If you do a lot of accounting on your home supplies, you’ll recognize the discrepancy – unless you are so meticulous that no details are lost. So, it’s very important to maintain a full accounting of your home supplies. Determine the ones that you frequently need, and figure out if you can save money by prioritizing which supplies really matter. You probably need to log your supplies in a spreadsheet or a small organizer. This will keep your financial planning highly efficient.


Once you’ve applied the strategies mentioned above, you’ll be few steps closer towards financial independence. The path won’t be easy, but it will steel your resolve. After few years, you’ll become a real financial hustler who can easily manage debts.